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Key Features

  • Dual Channel CHIRP with Ultra‐Low, Low, Medium, or High Frequencies, to suit your style of fishing and the species you target
  • Industry leading target separation and clarity make the echosounder image easier to interpret
  • Easy to install: Transducer connectors on housing minimize installation complexity
  • Easy to Use: Automatic settings optimized for everyday performance; manual settings for finer tuning
  • Compatible with Wide Angle Transducers, with wider cone‐angles for greater coverage of the water column


Description BSM-3 Broadband Sounder with CHIRP
Echosounder Max Depths 3,000m / 10,000ft
Echosounder Transducers Standard Narrowband and High Performance Broadband (1kW/3kW) Transducers
Echosounder Frequencies Broadband 25-45kHz, 40-60kHz, 130-210kHz, Narrowband 28kHz, 38kHz, 50kHz, 200kHz
Product Width 340mm / 13.4in
Product Depth 250mm / 9.8in (excluding connectors), 289mm / 11.4in (including connectors)
Product Height 100mm / 3.9in
Product Weight 4.8kg / 10.6lbs
Operating Temperature -15°C to +55°C
Water Resistance IPX5
Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 12 or 24 V DC (max range 10.7 V to 32 V DC)
Output Power [kW] 250 Watts RMS / 2000 Watts peak to peak

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