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International standards and can be used for both fuels such as gasoline, diesel, ethanol, alternative fuels and organic vegetable oils, fresh water and wastewater collection. The innovation of the "Diablo" tanks, is presented by the 'EASY SWITCH' hatch, red for gasoline, brown for black water and blue for fresh water, which is manually interchangeable. The overall advantage will be to buy separately the tanks form the hatch to optimize the level of stock and range availability. The hatch is secured and seated by rotation of the piece itself and is blocked into position by means of a locking pin that prevents loosening. To clean the tank just lift the locking pin and remove the hatch by unscrewing it.

Title Length Width Height Capacity
DIABLO Tank 70lt H.230mm / L.950mm w/o Plate 950mm 360mm 230mm 70lt

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