Innovation is Our Brand!

Performance, reliability and quality are the bedrock on which the Lumitec brand is built, but the driving force behind us has always been innovation. Over many years of research, development and arduous testing, Lumitec developed the most extensive range of superior, high quality, above and below water lighting products of any marine LED lighting manufacturer. We listened to our customers, identified their challenges and created products to meet their needs. Today that need is digital lighting control integration, and once again Lumitec is out front leading the way with our award-winning 2-wire Poco digital lighting control system.

The Poco system not only provides seamless integration across our complete product range, but is simple, powerful, cost-effective, and easy to install on new builds or retrofits.

Lumitec has always understood that it is not enough to simply innovative without truly understanding and meeting the needs of our customers. The products we make today are a reflection of our steadfast commitment to providing market leadership through superior quality, innovative products.

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