253M  Ecological enzymatic treatment for waste waters (grey waters)

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  • BIOFOS is an ecological treatment based on bacteria and enzymes
  • BIOFOS liquefies and degrades organic deposits and fatty substances in waste water tanks
  • BIOFOS leaves a pleasant fresh odour
  • BIOFOS allows the reduction of the maintenance and clearing-out of tanks
  • BIOFOS limits the risks of obturation and corrosion
  • BIOFOS penetrates, emulsifies and liquefies fatty substances
  • BIOFOS is dispersible in water in any proportions
  • BIOFOS does not contain pathogenic bacteria


  • Instructions of use:
  • BIOFOS is used pur
  • Pour directly the treatment into the shower’s drains, sink’ drains or toilets
  • The advised dose is of 100 ml per week


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