000-13894-001  AP48 Autopilot Controller

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The AP48 Autopilot Controller has been engineered for ultimate clarity, responsiveness, and ease of use in all conditions. An optically bonded 4.1-inch colour display delivers clear visibility, while a large aluminium rotary control dial and dedicated ‘dodge keys’ enable quick and accurate heading adjustments.
  • Intuitive Autopilot Control

    The AP48 combines the same intuitive interface of the compact AP44 with a larger rotary control dial, dedicated ‘dodge’ keys, and other extended keypad controls. The AP48’s rotary dial enables precise steering adjustments, while dodge keys enable instant heading changes in one-degree or ten-degree increments. Designed for optimal control in all conditions, the AP48’s large buttons are ideal for use with wet or gloved hands. To ensure all-weather visibility, an optically bonded display panel eliminates the possibility of condensation or fogging within the display. Transflective LCD technology makes use of reflected sunlight to brighten rather than obscure the screen, delivering superior daytime visibility and lower power consumption compared to traditional backlit displays.

  • Easy Access to Advanced Features

    Your Simrad autopilot can do much more than keep you on course. The AP48 gives you easy access to a range of built-in turn patterns designed to assist with fishing, diving, or just making a quick and efficient U-turn. No Drift Steering counteracts the effects of wind and tide; making it easy to maintain a straight track over ground on your current heading, without having to manually set a waypoint or route. Depth Contour Tracking works to maintain a constant depth of water beneath your boat, and is an ideal tool for fishing ledges and drop-offs.

  • Low-Profile ‘Glass Helm’ Design

    Designed to complement Simrad glass helm displays, instruments, and controllers, the AP48 features modern styling with a low flush-mount profile of just eight millimetres excluding the rotary dial. A smart layout maximises the size of the AP48’s display and controls, while keeping its overall footprint down to enable easy flush-mount installation almost anywhere. Alternatively, the controller can be bracket mounted to allow even more installation options.

  • Key Features

    • Intuitive autopilot interface with an extended keypad
    • Large, heavy-duty rotary control dial for precision steering
    • Optically bonded 4.1-inch colour display
    • Dedicated one-degree and ten-degree dodge keys
    • Automated turn patterns for fuel-efficient, hands-free manoeuvres
    • No Drift steering holds your course against wind and tide
    • Depth contour tracking makes it easy to fish ledges and drop-offs
    • Easy setup with auto tuning and calibration
    • Low-profile glass helm design


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