000-12358-001  WR10 Wireless Remote only

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The WR10 works with Simrad autopilot systems to enable precise heading adjustments and autopilot control from anywhere on board. Long-range Bluetooth technology provides up to 30 metres range. Up to four of these compact, lightweight remotes can be paired with a single BT1 base station (sold separately)


  • Easy to Use

    The WR10 uses just five simple buttons to deliver intuitive autopilot control. Steer or adjust autopilot heading in precise one-degree or quick 10-degree increments. Easily switch between full autopilot to navigate to the next waypoint on your current route, and NoDrift steering to automatically maintain your current heading. Dedicated Standby and Engage buttons mean you can be sure your autopilot is on or off with a single button press – even if you don’t know what state it’s in to begin with. The WR10’s multi-coloured LED indicates when each command has been successfully received by your autopilot, and displays a low battery warning so you’ll never be caught out.


  • Easy to Carry

    A remote is only useful when it’s in your hand. Compact and lightweight, the WR10 was designed with this in mind: the included lanyard offers a range of attachment options, or the WR10 can be wrist-mounted for even quicker and easier access. Though compact, the WR10 was also designed to maximise button size; this remote is easy to use by any fingers in any conditions.


  • Easy to Install

    The WR10 is a simple do-it-yourself upgrade to any compatible Simrad autopilot system. Up to four remotes can be paired with a single BT1 base station (sold separately) to equip multiple crewmembers for remote autopilot control.


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